Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well another year ... is slowly, for some, coming to a close..  New Years resolutions contemplated, thought through and being made.. Lots of lessons learned, positive and negative situations have come and gone.. Peoples paths cross.. and new friendships and relationships form new bonds, make commitments and some chose to part ways.. We all hope to learn from the negative .. and implement the positive.. 

Each day we are given a new start.. and as the new year begins.. we really can start new.. almost like a clean slate.. but now we have gained more knowledge, wisdom and insight.. that will hopefully direct us for our future ..  I pray everyday for guidance and direction... to make the best choices, be a good role model of a Woman, Wife and Mother.. as in the past ..I have always fell short .. 

I have learned through recent years that if I don't take care of myself.. then I wont be any good for anyone else.. so THIS YEAR 2014... I plan on workin on ME.. "Creating my life from the inside out.." I'm planning on being the BEST I can be.. 

As I know God has given us all a purpose.. 

And I plan on finding mine.. 

"Its just what I think..."

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!! Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!!!

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