Sunday, April 9, 2017

Everything happens for a reason ...

Each day brings new adventure .. new ideas... new opportunities ... new ways to change our lives ..

We MUST remain POSITIVE .. although its quite difficult at times and through certain circumstances .. there is truly a POSITIVE no matter how NEGATIVE .. things seem to be at that moment ...  I did and it was bought to my attention ... just recently .. not even a week ago.  I was having a really "down" day .. even after always preaching positivity to everyone I meet .. somehow ..its much more difficult when its YOUR LIFE.  Just a couple of days ago a stranger walked in my store .. and as always I started to find out about them .. their visit ... their background.. where they are from ... and what they do for a living etc.  I quickly found out I was in a conversation with a known motivational speaker .. with a positive group ... connected with The Secret .. and its wonderful members .. I found out about The Secret several years ago ... It is a book and a movie .. and very interesting .. focusing on the POSITIVE .. focusing on abundance ..and that there is enough for everyone .. as there is enough for everyone .. We spoke and I quickly realized like myself .. he has a personal relationship with God and he prayed with me .. He gifted me a renewal that day... he changed and renewed my mood, attitude and mental direction.  It was really something I needed at that moment ... and that day ... I am truly focusing on the positive... through this new adventure ... God does works in mysterious ways ..We all have a special purpose in this life.. God makes NO MISTAKES .... ☺️

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