Thursday, June 11, 2015

What you give out is what you get back ...

💚Soo I get an early call this morning from a friend ... who I pretty much just met ... we connected for a reason ... and she has connected me with an income opportunity that could prove to be very interesting and CREATIVE ... but she has had a rough time ... and was in need of $10 to get gas in her car ... I always want to help others as much as I can no matter what, although I knew in my own mind I am already short this week and yesterday was one of the slowest days I can remember at the store but also know that no matter how bad we think our circumstances are there are people much worse off than ourselves .. we connected she was happy and I headed on to work ... In this world of negative evil and turmoil I have learned that "what you give out ... is what you'll receive .." so my daily mission is to be thankful grateful ... and truly find the 💙POSITIVE IN EVERYTHING... so I opened the store and knew I had to get change ... so I started my journey to make change before customers began to show up as there was ABSOLUTELY NO ONE AROUND.. no sooner than I walked a few feet from the store ... right there laying in the middle of the boardwalk was a $10 bill!!! I immediately knew in my heart that God was behind me on my decision to help this friend in need ... 😊 I know my friend said she would meet up with me later to pay me back ... and I know $10 doesn't sound like a whole lot to some ... but lots of folks are really suffering out there ... and every little bit helps ... 💙❤️So please BE THANKFUL BE GRATEFUL...💙❤️FIND THE POSITIVE IN EVERYTHING!!!❤️💙Aloha & A Hui Hou

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