Friday, January 2, 2015

"it's NEVER too late.. "

Its NEVER too late... to begin ... to make a change ... to start a new career ... workout... finish or even begin college.. or certification... Its YOUR choice .. Its YOUR DECISION...

I grew up in a time... where women were not always encouraged to attend college... or pursue anything but getting married and having a family.. getting an "MRS" degree .. Now dont get me wrong .. there is really nothing wrong with that at all... IF thats what you want... I did want that.. but more importantly at the time .. I wanted to GO AWAY to college... Unfortunately, at the time .. instead of encouraging .. this continuing education .. my parents encouraged the easy way out.. mainly because of the lack of funds.. Absolutely not what I would or have done.. but that was then and this is now... 

Now is a different age and time.. Now we all encourage anyone to be self sufficient .. and to take the time to do what it takes .. take the time to improve yourself.. With the new technology and vast opportunities.. .. that are offered these days... the sky is literally the limit... there are so many endless ways to improve yourself... it is truly amazing ..YOU just have to make the DECISION.. RIGHT NOW.. TODAY!!

It truly is NEVER too late.. 

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

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