Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Catfish...... really.. 

I have a very difficult time... understanding someone, anyone... that could think sooo little of themselves.. and to be sooooo self centered and selfish.... to get caught up in so called "falling in love" with someone ... sight unseen... not actually meeting someone.. LET ALONE SENDING MONEY ... to these people....!!!!   ARE THESE WOMEN ACTUALLLY THAT COMPLETELY DESPERATE!!!  ... I DONT GET IT!!!  

After watching a current Dr. Phil show.. where they had a woman with older children who are married and had families of their own... which therefore ... given this woman precious Grandchildren... it totally made my skin crawl... to see this woman on stupid dating sites, texting boyfriends... TOTALLY IGNORING HER GRANDCHILDREN... and FOCUSING JUST ON HERSELF...

 It was very sad to see and to hear one of her sons.. said "She is acting like a teenager in heat!" Soooooo completely embarrassing and disgraceful... These women don't even deserve Grandchildren... !!!!  There are soooooo many older women out there like this ... that can't even see the forest for the trees... and ALL THEY SEE IS THEMSELVES... !  I dont at all one bit feel sorry, sympathetic.. or feel for these women.. its such a sad state of affairs ... that I cannot be around any of that.. as I have completely removed any and all negativity from my life.. and will continue to surround myself with only POSITIVE PEOPLE, SITUATIONS... AND THOUGHTS... 

As I recommend all of you ... to do the same.. in your lives.. 

It is the best ... advice .. I can offer everyone I meet and know... be THANKFUL.. for all things... and surround yourself with POSITIVE!!!


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